About Us

Shaping Boards Since 1972 - Jon Ashton is an expert craftsmen who has dedicated his life to designing and building the very best wave riding equipment. From high performance shortboards to longboards to paddleboards, the best of the best come to Jon Ashton's shop for top quality custom shaped boards.

Contact Jon Ashton and talk about your ideas directly, or shoot him an email about what you are looking for. Jon will make your dream board a reality.

Unique Style

From beginners to professionals - Ashton Surf Designs helps you design a custom surfboard built specifically for you and your needs. Jon, himself, works with you in the quest to shape you the perfect board to bring out the best in your surfing ability.

Jon can configure your dream board on your time - without limits!

Who We Are

From here you can order and build your dream custom surfboard online, have it shaped by Jon Ashton, an expert craftsmen, and then have it shipped to your front door.

From modifying critical dimensions according to your needs, to choosing the options that best complement your surfing style, to applying your own custom graphics, Ashton Surf Designs will get you in the water.